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Soar Centre Organ Appeal

The Project

The project has three parts –

  1. Refurbish the Peter Conacher organ to its original condition.
  2. Three year Cultural and Heritage Activities programme bringing the organ back to the heart of the community.
  1. Employ a Heritage Officer who will implement the Activities Programme with the help of volunteers.

Gŵyl Solar 2017

Menter Iaith Merthyr Tudful


Here’s a taster of what will be happening during the day at Gŵyl Solar! Entrance during the day is free and tickets for the evening gig will be available at £6 (£4 concessions) from Canolfan Soar’s boxoffice: 01685 722176

Audience Development Co-ordinator

Cydlynydd Prosiect Datblygu Gynulleidfa

Menter Iaith Merthyr Tudful

Cefnogir y swydd gan Gyngor Celfyddydau Cymru am  gyfnod o 1 blwyddyn

Swydd Rhan Amser:  22.5 awr yr wythnos

Cyflog  £30,000 pro rata (£18,000 y flwyddyn)

Rydym yn chwilio am berson egniol gyda phrofiad o ymgysylltu gyda’r gymuned trwy’r celfyddydau.  Bydd y person yn gweithredu rhaglen celfyddydol yn Theatr Soar ac yn trefnu gweithdai a digwyddiadau ar draws sir Merthyr Tudful.

Am fanylion pellach a ffurflen gais cysylltwch â

Lisbeth McLean

Menter Iaith Merthyr Tudful, Canolfan Soar, Pontmorlais, Merthyr Tudful CF47 8UB


Dyddiad Cau 17 Ebrill 2014.

The ability to speak Welsh is essential for this Audience Development Co-ordinator post.

E-Petition:Support for the Mentrau Iaith (Language Initiatives)

We call on the Assembly to ask the Welsh Government:

to congratulate the Mentrau Iaith for their innovative work in promoting the use of the Welsh language across Wales; to confirm that the Mentrau are a key partner for the Government in the context of implementing its Welsh-language strategy; to provide a prompt response to Cardiff University’s survey of the Mentrau’r work, ensuring that the funding that is given to them is a fair reflection of the scale of the task that they face – while accepting that the amount of money that is available to them needs to be increased substantially;

to accept that there is a need for consistency between the Mentrau in terms of funding and that the current inconsistency needs to be addressed; to fund Mentrau Iaith Cymru fairly, ensuring that it can play a full role in co-ordinating the work of the Mentrau and providing them with assistance and guidance;

to ensure that the Welsh-language standards compel Welsh local authorities to support the work of the Mentrau and to ensure that the authorities work closely with the Mentrau; to play a full role in providing strategic guidance in the context of community planning.

Thank you for your support

Halloween Party


On the 1st of November a Halloween Party was held at Canolfan Soar. Thirty local children came to the event and took part in biscuit decorating and mask making activities, games and face painting.  It was great to see so many children enjoying themselves through the medium of Welsh.