Welsh medium courses for adults


Exploring Welsh Heritage through Art


The course with Menter Bro Ogwr was magnificent! I had a very good experience exploring Welsh heritage through art. A good opportunity to experiment with different things such as paint, pastels and colourful paper.

The course was suitable for all, Welsh speakers and learners, people with experience in art and people who wanted try art for the first time.

Our tutor Marged was great! She came every week with different subjects and gave me handouts with stories, pictures and examples of Welsh art, thanks Marged!!

We looked at subjects such as:

Welsh Culture and Identity The Welsh Coal Industry in Art Superstitions and Folk Beliefs in Wales A Brief History of the Welsh Language The Mabinogi

I am grateful for the opportunity to practice my Welsh whilst learning about Welsh culture, history and people. It was the first time for me to be able to use my Welsh with my hobbies.

By Deborah Howell


Introduction to the Harp

Cyflwyniad i'r delyn

For years I had wanted to learn to play the harp but I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy going to lessons. Then, I saw Menter Bro Ogwr’s advert – seven lessons for 10 pounds – bargain! I must admit that I was quite nervous before the first lesson but the tutor, Elin Lloyd, was very kind and patient. There were a mixture of people there – people in their thirties to a person in their nineties, Welsh learners of foundation level to proficiency and first language speakers. All were happy to support each other, linguistically and musically.

Elin asked if anyone could play any other instruments. Well, I started learning the violin when I was nine but gave up by the time I was nine and a quarter years old and although I was quite an expert at the recorder in school, I wasn’t sure if that would count! My heart sank when I heard that everyone else could play the piano and I started thinking about my violin lessons – playing scales and other exercises. But to my surprise, the class (including myself) could play two songs by the end of the first lesson – “Lavenders Blue” and “Deryn Du”.

The class went from strength to strength and by the sixth lesson, there were more than six songs in our repertoire. We spent the last lesson recording our first CD. I say “first CD” because everyone wants to continue, but whatever we decide to do in the future, we had seven weeks of fun thanks to Elin and Menter Bro Ogwr.

By Debbie Seamark